Friday, August 12, 2022


This is a must watch video for big waves chasers. Its really captures the local surf culture that surrounds Mavericks and inspires the next generation of chargers. Check this out:


The 2022 Mavericks Awards were held at Old Princeville Landing in Half Moon Bay, California. A digital video performance contest, the Mavericks Awards allowed surfers and videographers to submit their best surf content at Mavericks from the winter season. The contest followed three basic rules. First, the surfer must make it all the way to the shoulder in order to be considered for an award. Second, only prone paddle waves were accepted. Lastly, waves had to be ridden during the contest time period (Nov 1, 2021 to April 15, 2022). On the men’s side, Grant “Twiggy” Baker (captured by Dom Padua) took home the Biggest Wave award. Jamie Mitchell, also captured by Dom Padua, cinched the Ride of the Year award. And the coveted Performer of the Year award was given to Luca Padua, photographed by Dom Padua, Drake Stanley, Euan Rannachan, Tucker Wooding, and Kyle Hulse. On the women’s side, Bianca Valenti took home all three awards. Her Biggest Wave award was captured by Euan Rannachan, Ride of the Year by Tucker Wooding, and Performer of the Year by Euan Rannachan and Tucker Wooding. The contest offered three categories for men and three for women, with equal prize money for all—60% of winnings went to the surfer and 40% was paid to the photographer. Categories included Biggest Wave, Ride of the Year, and Performer of the Year with $30,000 in prize money on the line. Waves were judged by a panel of world class big wave surfers: Maya Gabeira, Grant Washburn, Chris Bertish, Jeff Clark, and Darryl “Flea” Virostko. Judges evaluated the videos at the end of the season to determine the winners. The night was one for the books and was full of food, music, and fun. 80% of the net proceeds funded prize money for the Mavericks Awards and 20% went to Sea Hugger. Watch the above video for a recap of everything that went down last night. - Words by Rebecca Parsons / The Inertia

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

RC Surfers & RC Bodyboarders - No Really!


I started learning how to surf in the summer of 1990. I’d go surfing on the weekends and after surfing we’d hang out in the yard, listen to surf music and either play backgammon or read books in the sun. Surfing Samurai Robots was a big book for me read at the time. It was a big step away from the “choose your own adventure” books I was used to reading. I was really surprised how easy it was for me to read and understand. It helped that the book had all the elements that I was interested in; aliens, detectives, surfing and sci-fi robots.

I still have the Surfing Samurai Robots book. Actually I have the entire Zoot Marlow series; Surfing Samurai Robots, Hawaiian UFO Aliens and Tubular Android Superheroes. Who would have guessed that Surfing Samurai Robots would actually exist today... Well maybe they are not Samurai's but they are RC controlled surfers and that's pretty darn close. Check these out!


Bro rc Surfer - Our unique range of rc Surfer - well Tried & Tested more info:

Surfing Fast Hollow Shore-break - Bro rc Surfer

dis-CHARGING a good few very fast peeling Shore-breaks 🤙 LEKKA 👊

RC Surfer shredding PERFECT WAVES

Full on radio-controlled ripping by RC Surfer guru Larry Howlett and his custom Maui RC Surfer named "In Da Tube". San Clemente pier provided perfect little waves and an empty line up for Larry to get some sweet rides!

RC Surfer trolls PROS and pulls off INSANE rides!!!

 RC Surfer scores perfect glassy waves with pro surfers! We got our hands on a couple of the new Catch Surf X Kyosho RC Surfers and gave them a shred! After 6 months of scientific design we have finally figured out how to get POV footage of RC Surfer! Pro surfers, Griffin Colapinto, Kei Kobayashi, Colton Overin, Crosby Colapinto, Kingsley Nicol, Beau Cram join in on the hi-fi shredding action! Special thanks to fellow RC Surfers/filmers Colton Overin and Aaron "Slow Performance" Mason

PROS + RC Surfer SCORE perfect waves at California wavepool !!!

RC Surfer along with Kalani Robb, Shane Dorian, Sky Brown, Jackson Dorian and Larry shred perfect glassy waves at the Palm Springs Surf Club test wavepool! RC Surfer gets his first spitting barrel, Kalani pulls off the first surfing shark transfer and two hottest groms show us what time it is when it comes to modern high performance surfing! Special thanks to Cheyne Magnusson of Palm Springs Surf Club for pumping out perfect waves all day and also Robbie Crawford for being Robbie Crawford!

rc Bodyboarding Cape Town through the 4 seasons

PRO-BRO RC BODYBOARD - A few extracts from gathered footage, bodyboarding local spots in Cape Town throughout the best

Monday, August 8, 2022

World Dog Surfing Championships - No really!

Sup Dog, do you think you can win the world Dog Surfing Championships? Let's check out the competition. Check this out:

World Dog Surfing Championships 2022 On August 6, 2022 The World Dog Surfing Championships took place at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, CA.

2021 Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon Highlights

Missed out on the action at our 16th Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon presented by Blue Buffalo at Del Mar Dog Beach?

2020 World Dog Surfing Championship | Noosa Heads Queensland Australia

Things To Do in California - 2019 World Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica, CA!

For dog lovers everywhere! A fun day watching these amazing animals at the 2019 World Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica, CA. Watch to the end for photos of champion @cheriethesurfdog and @livingwithpickles the surfing pig! These surfing dogs were amazing! So many things to do in California!

World Dog Surfing Championship in Pacifica

Hanging Ten 🏄‍♂️ with Dogs 🐕, Whales 🐋 and Pickles the Surfing Pig 🐖


Sunday, August 7, 2022

One of The Most Gifted Surf Athletes of All Time...

11 time world champion Kelly Slater is by far one of the most gifted surf athletes of all time. It is no wonder that after years of surfing the contest circuit he build his own wave pool with perfect waves. That's a spot that I'd love to test drive! 

Let's check out a few key videos about Kelly... Let's get to it:

Kelly Slater on the wipeout that nearly killed him

Kelly Slater shares life-threatening surfing experiences, including two-wave hold-down and getting knocked out in France. Slater calls the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii and Mavericks at Half Moon Bay in Northern California two of the most dangerous surf spots.


Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes | The Perfect Wave

The next Championship Tour event is in the Lemoore, California at the Surf Ranch, a man-made wave Kelly designed. Competing at his own creation forces him to play host while also chasing a much-needed good result. Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes gives fans the rare opportunity to witness never-before-seen footage of the best surfer on the planet. From free surfs to travel to adventures around the world, these are uncut and unfiltered moments from before, after, and outside competition. Follow 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater as he navigates another transformative season of his legendary career.

Pipeline and Kelly Slater The Wave of the Winter 2014 Documentary