Friday, March 22, 2024

2 Surf Stories From 2 Very Different Locations

 Here are two stories from 2 very different locations worth checking out...

Sure it's cold out, but you can't beat the crowd (because there isn't anyone one else there... ever!)... check out this surf adventure by Ben Weiland...

Watch the SurferTV Documentary, Coldwater Journal, as it follows surfer and filmmaker, Ben Weiland's, decade-long obsession with exploring the most frigid, desolate and starkly beautiful coastlines on the planet in search of perfect waves and high adventure.

This could be a dream come true for many surfers.... but do you have teh resillance to overcome the challenges faced by Torren and Aiyana?

When Torren Martyn and Aiyana Powell borrowed the 35ft sailing boat 'Calypte' and departed from the east coast of Thailand in early 2022, they had a combined sailing experience of only a few days. The one requirement of their charter was to eventually deliver the boat to Eastern Indonesia. They could learn as they went, get a few friends with sailing experience to help through the tricky bits and pick up as much as possible from them along the way. With this plan, the pair embarked onto the South China Sea, headed up through the Strait of Malacca and around the tip of Sumatra; out into the Indian Ocean on a year-long expedition in search of waves. What seemed like an idyllic journey didn’t come easy. It was difficult to anticipate the challenges of the sleepless nights, the endless rolling and tossing of the boat, the breakdowns, the relentless maintenance and confined space. But adventures always seem sweeter if it really feels like you had to work to get there. A film by Ishka Folkwell & Torren Martyn - Produced by needessentials

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Longboarding, the best to the beginner (you know what I mean)


I really miss longboarding and I definitely need to make more plans to get healthy and get back in the water this year. Here are a few videos to get you and me motived to get back out there... check it out: 

This video is all about the best of California soul surfing over the last two years. Most of the footage can be seen in the NobodySurf Originals series that I made for them. This is a unique collaboration with Jitzuwa Finder, who makes custom soundtracks for NobodySurf Originals. Also, I added footage that never made it to the series to come up with something new and exciting. - Supported by - NobodySurf (@nobody_surf) - Surfers - Erin Ashley (@wormtown) Ryan Burch (@bobbersandsinkers) Lauren Canavan (@laurenkatecanavan) Brooke Carlson (@brookiebu) River Covey (@rivercovey) Derrick Disney (@gado_gadooo) Zack Flores (@zack_floress) Devon Howard (@devon_howard) Rob Machado (@rob_machado) Kassia Meador (@kassiasurf) Nick Melanson (@nickmelanson) Barrett Miller (@barrettmiller_) Hallie Rohr (@haalliiee) Karina Rozunko (@karinarozunko) Mele Saili (@mele_saili) Jen Smith (@jensmithofaloha) Makala Smith (@shredsista) Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu) Tosh Tudor (@toshtudor) J.J. Wessels (@jjwessels_) Natalie Wessels (@natalienicolewessels) Colin Whitbread (@colin_whitbread_) Tommy Witt (@t_witt_)

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このビデオは Final Day Relik Longboard Tour Men's Modern & Classic

It all comes down to this, rankings leader Justin Quintal takes on 2018 runner-up in the world Kai Sallas in an exciting Final at the Longboard Classic Galicia!

"I'm a Kook" - Everyone has different experiences when it comes to surfing. However, this story is fairly unique! This is my first go at more of a film / doc style video, however it is still youtubey as well hehe. I hope you enjoy! Brian James Support my channel! Follow me on Instagram! @longboard_sessions

"What size longboard should I get?" A question i'm asked all the time and it's a tough one to answer. After doing this comparison my eyes have been opened to a few different ideas that I never considered. Hope this helps! Both boards are a COS Chingona. One is 9' and one is 9'6". Brian James Support my channel! Follow me on Instagram! @longboard_sessions

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Friday, January 5, 2024

Making a Wooden Surfboard: The Surfer's Dream Come True

My wife and I built a wooden surfboard in our garage and it was surprisingly easy! We teamed up Jarvis Boards and TotalBoat and to make a custom 7'2" thruster out of redwood. I'm beyond stoked on how it turned out. It was so much fun working with Lindsay on this project that we already made plans to do a few more!

If you want to get a Kit from Jarvis Boards use code NoBadTides for 10% off your order.

Check out this video below to see the how it all came together... And I also added pictures at the bottom of the progress we made along the way. 

Hi there friends, in today’s video I’m going to show you how we made a hallow surfboard entirely made out of redwood. We partnered up with Jarvis Boards to create our surfboard from one of their new surfboard kits. This 7'2"was inspired by the legendary shaper Gerry Lopez's Pocket Rocket and designed by both Eric from Jarvis and Eric of NoBadTides. We started with building the frame of the kit using hot glue, that way if we had any changes to make, it was as easy as using a heat gun to warm it up and readjust the frame. Once the frame was built, I ripped down quarter inch strips on my tablesaw from a 2” x 6”x8’ redwood board to get our strips for the surfboard.

We glued each strip down using polyurethane glue and held it in place with clamps. Each strip took about an hour to fully dry before we could unclamp it and start a new strip, which was the most time-consuming process of the entire build. Once we had all of the strips glued down I use my oscillating tool to cut the board to shape, and then a flush trim router bit with a router to clean up the board. Then we cut two strips of 3/8 inch thick cork for the rails and wrapped it around the board twice using heavy duty spray adhesive. Then I trimmed down the cork rails, using my oscillating tools, and had Eric shape the rails using a Shinto saw rasp.

Once the board was shaped and sanded down, we gave a thin coat of penetrating epoxy from Total Boat to the wood to help soak in to the grain before giving our fiberglass coat. We fiberglass the top of the board first and used a cut lap with tape on the underside making it easy for clean up once the fiberglass was 75 to 80% cured we used a sharp razor blade to cut away the excess on the bottom of the board, a light standing on the edge and then we rinse and repeat the same process with the fiberglass. Once everything was fully cured we gave a hot coat of epoxy over the top to bring out all the colors, and it really made the board shine.

We let it fully cure for a few more days and then sanded down to 320 one more time before giving it a nice coat of Halcyon varnish once the board was fully cured it was time to take her out in the water for a first maiden voyage. This was such a fun project and I can’t wait to make another board!!! This is a simple and easy project, and I highly recommend building one, be sure to tag me when you do make one of your own. Thank you so much for watching today's video. If you enjoyed this video be sure to like and subscribe to my channel. Here’s link to the surfboard kit: Use Code: WOODBRAIN for a 10% discount. Thanks in advance Friends Be sure to follow me on Instagram & TikTok @Wood_Brain Business Inquires contact: Support me on Patreon: Thank you to Jarvis Boards for being there every step of the way during the building process and being so extremely helpful as well as creating such fun surfboard kits, can't wait to build another one. Thank you to Total Boat for always being a huge supporter of my channel and for always creating rad products to create fun projects like this. Use Code: WOODBRAIN for a 10% discount. Thank you to my awesome husband @nobadtides on Instagram for all ways being an amazing supporter of what I do. More info… Camera Used: Canon GX7 markii Tripod: Wheels for tripod